Brudniak included in Texas 12 at The Arts Center Texas Gallery and Wolf Pen Park, College Station, TX, curated by Alison de Lima Greene, Curator of Contemporary and Modern Art, Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. Exhibit runs from April 20 – May 19 2016 With opening reception April 30th from 2:00 – 4:30 pm. A catalog of the show will be available.

San Antonio Book Signing with Artist Steve Brudniak Blue Star Contemporary Art Museum

Brudniak in “Fresh Dozen” Red Arrow Contemporary, Dallas

Austin Chronicle Review of Brudniak Book: The Science of Surrealism – Assemblage Sculpture of SteveBrudniak

Houston Press Review of “Steve Brudniak: The Science of Surrealism” at Avis Frank Gallery

Arts and Culture Houston Magazine Review of “Steve Brudniak – The Science of Surrealism” at Avis Frank Gallery

New Brudniak coffee table book and print available now: The Science of Surrealism – Assemblage Sculpture of Steve Brudniak.

Guillermo Del Toro book preface excerpt:
“…Brudniak fabricates, manipulates or re-shapes found materials into absolutely
coherent, powerful works of art. He can cannibalize a junkyard, a discarded science
lab or even his own bodily fluids in order to find the perfect balance between drama
and aesthetics. Ask him to tell you the stories behind each piece and he will regale
you with tales that involve illegal medical experiments, miracle cures through art and
paranormal experiences. …But, above all, the pieces themselves are the story.
Like museum artifacts, they speak of a future/past that is half Orwellian nightmare,
half Steampunk adventure. They tell long lost tales of expeditions, factories or mad
scientist labs in lands out of reach, out of time.”

The Science of Surrealism – Assemblage sculpture of Steve Brudniak is a thirty
year retrospective of work, inspiration and methods along with a display of work
dating from the early eighties up to his most recent sculpture. To order the book
visit 100 copies of the book will be available with a limited
edition signed print.

Review of “InterPlay: Mechanical Objects” San Antonio Express News, Sep 20, 2012

Austin Chronicle preview of “Steve Brudniak: Back from Samsara”

KABB San Antonio TV News reviews the “Interplay: Mechanical Objects” kinetic art show at Southwest School of Art in San Antonio. You can watch video of his sculpture “Vunderglas” in part of the broadcast here

Article in Austin Chronicle, Brudniak receives Best of Austin Award for Best Sculptures From Yesterday’s Future

Texas Sculpture Group Show at Austin Airport with new Brudniak piece pictured on the site

The Texas Sculpture Group (Brudniak is on the board of directors)

Steve’s chair is featured in this review by the Columbus Dispatch paper of Damian Priours traveling Texas Chair Project Show

The Texas Chair Project opening at the Ohio Craft Museum in Columbus Ohio, February 6 through March 27, 2011. Steve’s chair is featured on the poster and invites.

Nice blogg about the Noumenon show in San Antonio. Scroll down to thu july 29 2010.

Photos of the Noumenon Show and Talk at Blue Star Contemporary Art Center in San Antonio

San Antonio Express News reviews ‘Selections From Steve Brudniak: Noumenon and Other New Work’

San Antonio Current reviews ‘Selections From Steve Brudniak: Noumenon and Other New Work’

Making the Austin Social Scene : )

Critics Pick preview in San Antonio Current of ‘Selections From Steve Brudniak: Noumenon and Other New Work’

Glass Tire reviews ‘Selections From Steve Brudniak: Noumenon and Other New Work’

Excerpt from the TV show, “Secret Spaces – Brittania Manor.” Trained eye can spot some Brudniak sculptures in Richard Garriott’s home full of weird stuff and surprises.

Brudniak’s “Astrogeneris Mementos” sculptures on the International Space Station in this video by Richard Garriott, who flew to the space station with them in 2008. Look at the top of the green bulletin board to Richards right, halfway between the playing cards and the pens.
Or see the Challenger Center Website:

Photo of Brudniak giving a talk at Texas Lutheran University in 2009

Lone Star Lutheran Review of “Selections From Steve Brudniak Noumenon and Other Work”

Brudniak Art In Outer Space: Interview with astronaut Richard Garriott
This link takes you to part 3 of the piece on You Tube where the sculpture is featured starting at 6:25 into the interview.

TLU News blog on Brudniak exhibit there.

San Marcos Daily Record reports on Brudniak show at Texas Lutheran University

“Device 2, Reconstructed” New book featuring 14 pieces of Steves work and 15 other surreal, industrial sculptors.

Brudniak’s work referenced in Randall Reid review.

Brudniak Noumenon show nominated for best independent gallery show of 2008-2009 season by Austin Chronicle

Brudniak studio and home featured in Glasstire on line magazine

Rachel Koper interviews Paul Beck about the Austin art scene of the 90s, “Austin Art History Lesson I,” in Fluent Collab,
Koper, Rachel, “Austin Art History Lesson I,” Fluent Collab,

Brudniak photo In Austin american Statesman with friends at Peoples Art Gallery opening Austin City Hall

Rachel Koper made Steve’s “Noumenon” show #1 in the Austin Chronicle’s 2008 Top 10’s issue. (with photo)

Wayne Allen Brenner gives #4 to Brudniak in the Austin Chronicle’s 2008 Top 10’s issue.

University of Texas at Arlington paper, “The Shorthorn” reviews Noumenon Show

Brudniak mentioned (22:10) on KUT 90.5 radio interview covering “Texas Chair Project”

Brudniak in the Texas Chair Project Show at the Austin Museum of Art with sculpture featured on invitation and webpage

Brudniak in First Art Exhibit in Outer Space

Photos of Galveston Noumenon Show 8-08

Galveston Daily News Brudniak Photo

Galveston Parrot, Steve Brudniak: Noumenon Preview

Galveston Daily News, Steve Brudniak: Noumenon Preview

Austin American Statesman Noumenon Review by Jeanne Claire van Risen

Austin Chronicle Noumenon Review by Wayne Allen Brenner

Galveston Noumenon showing preview.

Photos from the “Steve Brudniak: Noumenon” show and reception may 30 2008. Courtesy of Gavin (Dr. Thompson) Tabone

Austin American Statesman Noumenon Review by Michael Barnes

Preview of “Steve Brudniak: Noumenon” interviews Steve again during the South x Southwest festival in Austin this March 3rd 2008. Scroll down to find the 2006 interview as well.

Here are some pictures of the new studio.

JPG Magazine has reprinted Sean McGaheys apparently popular interview from thebeat.

thebeat interview reprint with another pic.

Repost of The Beat interview wiith an added picture.

The UK on line literary and art magazine The Beat interviews Steve. video blogg interview with Steve Brudniak. Austin 2006. blog about the brudniak interview.

Video of the artist at the Green Muse Cafe in Austin.

Austin Museum of Art, Art Ball X pictures.

More photos by Wiley Wiggins.

Spanish art thesis on Brudniak.

Ken Hunt on Steve Brudniak

Buddhist interpertation of the “Waking Life” film dialogs.

Perdido en Maya, Spanish film blogg.

Computer Gazette Magazine cover. The Italian version of Computer Graphics World Magazine. (With the same cover).

Picture of the artist and Bob Sabastan, animation director for “Waking Life” and “A Scanner Darkly”

Fringeware Review Magazine interview by Wiley Wiggins.

Austin Paratimes Magazine interview.

“Aberations” review. Curated by Brudniak.

“Electricity and Me MD” at Gallery Lombardi. Show preview with pictures.

Review of “Contemporary Texas Art: The Personal Collection of Chuck Cooper”

Review of “Looking Into the Mind of Steve Brudniak” Scanlan Gallery, Austin.

Bucking the Texas Myth show review with photo.

Review of 500X Gallery show in Dallas.

The Robot Group. Brudniak was an honorary member for several exhibits.

Robot group Robofest review.

Jumpstart arts group; a nonprofit for at risk youth.

Electric / kinetic sculpture for children.